Service Description Orchestra Platform

The Orchestra Platform is provided as a cloud and software as a service by Orchestra itself and a third party (SAP SE). The following description applies exclusively to the products of the Orchestra Platform ("Platform") purchased by the client. Orchestra provides all documents referred to here upon request.

Functional Overview


Orchestra provides so-called "Cloud Services and Software as a Service" services in the area of handling and managing service processes via the Internet. Key features of the software include:


  • Integration of Service Management Tools (ITSM Integration) and ERP Systems (ERP Integration)

  • Monitoring, controlling and managing service processes and service requests

  • Financial, contractual and capacitive control of service processes and service requests


The Orchestra Platform consists of the following components, which can be added adaptively:


The Baseline package forms the basis for all other packages and includes the following functions:

Integration Manager


  • ITSM Integration

  • ITSM Supplier Integration

  • IoT Integration

  • Active Directory Integration (LDAP-Server Integration)

  • ERP-Integration – Time Registration


Baseline Request Manager

  • Self-Service Management

  • Request Management

  • Task Management


Baseline Foundation Data


  • Organization, Company, People, Assets, CI

  • Authorization Management


Standard Package


The Standard package includes the Request Monitor:


  • Visualization of service requests related to various criteria such as age, priority, teams, backlog, capacity & availability of resources.


and the Service Level Manager:


  • Threshold management of service levels between business/internal service provider and external service provider (Initial response time, resolution time, resumption time, waiting time for customer response)



The Professional package includes the Request Cockpit


  • Visualization of request related to different criteria. Automatic solution and reschedule proposal (Service Resource Planning) related by defined and configured parameter (e.g. customer, team, impact, urgency, categorization). Mass ticket rescheduling and assignment


the Capacity & Availability Manager


  • Baseline Capacity & Availability Management (Tactical-Level; Capacity, Absence, Organization Tasks, Projects)


and the Dashboard Manager


  • Dashboard reporting with best practice content related to the orchestration requirement



The Extended package includes the Time & Budget Manager


  • Time Registration

  • Threshold Management Plan- Actual Time

  • Ticket Chasing & Conflict Management (Verification of time records and ticket updates)


the Contract Manager


  • Real-time contract analyzation and verification during budget and controlling activity (usage of artificial intelligence)


and the Approval- & Escalation Manager


  • Flexible approver determination & cockpit

  • Automatic escalation communication

  • Governance statements and rules



The ESM package is a separate module focused on Enterprise Service Management. The ESM Package provides the following functions:


Self-Service Manager:

  • Extended Self-Service Management for the management of Enterprise Services. Different layer management between End-User and Key-User


Catalog Manager:


  • Flexible customer specific service definition and catalog management inside the Self-Service Portal